Neilston Community Bike Hub

Like the idea of cycling but find riding in traffic a bit daunting? The team at The Bank Bike Hub can help you build your confidence.

Riding a bike is a valuable life skill, more than just a simple form of transport, cycling is a great way to improve your fitness and mental health. It can also be very sociable.

Book a place on one of our training rides & build your road cycling knowledge and
confidence. Riding with a small group is a great way to meet like-mined people. Some of our rides are aimed at families so you can bring the kids!

The Neilston Community Bike Hub works with commuters to help them replace all or part of their car journeys to work, and with schools and the wider community to get children cycling, walking and scooting to school.

We deliver a range of services, activities and events, free of charge, to help support and
encourage this behaviour change. Additionally, as an official service centre for Cycling
Scotland we can help employers and schools achieve Cycling Scotland’s ‘Cycle Friendly’ award.

We also teach children and adults to cycle or gain confidence on the bike and provide both 1:1 lessons as well as group sessions.

We are also a Cycling Scotland Bikeability Approved Retailer and are committed to
providing children with the tools they need to complete their Bikeability training. Visit our hub at Neilston Development Trust to find the right bike for your child or to get any small repairs competed.

For more information about what Bikeability is, please go to
We believe cycling helps for a happy and healthy life, and you can save the planet while doing it!

Services Include

Bike Checks

You will also feel more confident knowing your bike is in good mechanical order and safe. The Bank Bike Hub runs classes where you will learn how to check your bike and make minor adjustments. Bike Hub staff can also carry out minor repairs.


Modern tyres are a lot more resistant to punctures than they used to be but can still happen. Don’t be marooned when you get a flat. Very simple tools which can be carried in a small saddle pouch are all that is needed to fix it and get on your way. We have classes to show you how. 


We have a programme of family rides, social rides, rides for returning cyclists, bike maintenance workshops and training. Details of rides and classes can be found here or on our Facebook page.