NDT Groups

NDT supports a variety of activities and groups from their base at the Bank. All are welcome to join us.  To find out more or take your interest further, please contact Laura at 0141 561 1210 or email Laura.Carswell@neilstontrust.co.uk.

Gardening Group

Who we are: We are volunteers from Neilston and across East Renfrewshire with a love of, gardening – both edible and ornamental.

What we do: We help grow vegetables and fruit for NDT in support of its commitment to the national movement for good food, GET Local and making Neilston a great place. We look after the allotment at the rear of the Bank, and we’re very proud of the little garden at the front (much appreciated by passers-by). We also look after the planting at Neilston Train Station, helping to give a great welcome to commuters and visitors.

Where and when: Weekly Tuesday 10am-12noon. From the Bank.

Bike Hubbers

Who we are: We are a group of volunteer cycling enthusiasts from Neilston and Barrhead, trained as mechanics and cycle ride leaders.

What we do: We help NDT Cycling get more people on their bikes and cycling and travelling actively; we help look after the Bike Hub and bikes brought in for repairs. We also support events, training and ride-outs with NDT Cycling.

Where and when: Weekly Saturdays and Mondays 10am-12noon. At the Bank Bike Hub.

The Walking Group

Who we are: We are a group of walking enthusiasts from Neilston and Barrhead, including trained Walk Leaders.

What we do: We meet weekly to go for walks around and about Neilston; we support people on the walks and people who are trying to become more active; travel actively and improve their health and well-being.

Where and when: Weekly Monday 10.30am (short walk and strength and balance exercises). Wednesday 10am (Longer walk 60mins+). From the Bank

Crochet Club

Who we are: We are a Crochet training class, led by a crochet enthusiast from Neilston.

What we do: We help people to learn how to crochet and be creative; how to follow different patterns and make a range of lovely and useful objects including scarves and hats. The chat’s good, too.

Where and when: Weekly Thursdays 1-3pm. At the Bank

Youth Programme

Who we are: More info coming soon!

What we do: More info coming soon!

Where and when: More info coming soon!

Outdoor Parent + Child Groups

Who we are: An ad-hoc group of parents, carers, babies & children who believe it is important for children to spend quality time in nature and the great outdoors. Whatever the weather, they can play with each other and nature, at little or no cost to parents. Parents/carers can between them, organise stories and activities but always encouraging creativity with the children.

What we do: We could have different themes each week, based loosely on the children’s surroundings, such as wildflowers, leaves etc…all of this can be discussed between us, as we move forward.

Where and when: Contact for further details: alexisqdonnelly@gmail.com