Blooming Neilston | Launch, Updates & Get Involved

Blooming Neilston

Everyone likes a nice environment. That’s why NDT, along with other village groups, is developing a village-wide project for more trees and flowers, and cheerier, more sociable public spaces.

Consultants have looked at a range of village spaces to see how they might be made more attractive and people-friendly, and made suggestions for temporary or long-term improvements.

17 sites were identified, ranging from the area in front of the shops to small corners around the village. See the full report at

A great meeting at the Bank recently saw key village groups represented: Youth Forum, War Memorial, Charter Advisory, NDT Gardening Volunteers and GET Local staff, plus interested individuals. Three priorities chosen for the ERC spend were:
• heart of the village (Market Square, Leisure Centre site, War Memorial)
• the station area.
• entrance points to the village

ERC has secured some funding for village centre-focused improvements and this will be used to support Blooming Neilston in partnership for delivery.

The village centre work will happen next year. Smaller projects will follow as funds allow.

Key to project success will be the active involvement of local folk in keeping the investment looking good. A group has been formed to develop the project and this is open to anyone interested. (See form attached).

NDT will also be seeking funds to appoint a support worker/community gardener to help everyone get involved in a way that works for them.

But generally, it’s all about pride in our place – whether it’s planting a few bulbs, pulling the odd weed, or getting stuck into community food and flower gardening – Blooming Neilston is for everyone!

What’s next?

To get involved, or to find out more, fill in the form attached and email this back to us at Or contact or call 0141 561 1201.