The Bank Rejuvenated

After the success of the Community Right to Buy, the reality of owning a century old building kicked in. The building had been unused for a year and as a result the roof leaked, the heating didn't work and there was damp throughout. So the Trust began the arduous task of raising the funds that would allow for a complete overhaul of the building. All the while our intrepid volunteers continued to develop and deliver activities, to operate the café and to develop our garden space outside.


By late 2010, 11 funders were convinced enough by our plans to invest over £500,000 in the redevelopment of the Bank.


The Trust carried out a limited tender and appointed Glasgow based architects ATA. Their design, in addition to creating a light, airy, accessible and welcoming space, included a number of environmental considerations that were really important to the Trust in demonstrating that it was possible to lovingly reenergise an old building in an environmentally sound way. These include:


  • Solar panels on the roof which provide hot water and reduce the requirement for the boiler to have to supply hot water
  • A low energy and smart lighting system which should significantly reduce the amount of electricity used within the building
  • A biomass boiler which uses wood pellets and therefore means we are no longer reliant on fossil fuels to heat the building
  • Exemplary levels of insulation which substantially reduces heat loss through the fabric of the building
  • Underfloor heating which delivers high comfort levels across the building for a low energy input.


Eventually, almost exactly 5 years after it was purchased, and with the support of 11 funders, the Bank opened its doors in December 2011

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