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Neilston Going Places

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Neilston has for many years been building ideas about their future as a community. Over February and March, we will be re-energising the charter process and engaging with you to build a positive view of the future landscape of Neilston.

This process and the resultant masterplan is a critical first stage in the Supplementary Planning Guidance process that continues until August/September 2014. We are seeking to build on the considerable work and energy that has already gone before, not only into the original charter process but in the considerable work carried out since then to bring us to where we are today. Throughout the coming months you will have the opportunity to participate in and engage with the future development of the village.


We have broken down this future visioning into three umbrella themes.


Open Space:

Linking village areas and movement, leisure and culture.


Village Centre:

Retail activity, enhancing the public realm and infill sites.


Housing Opportunities:

Housing needs and infill solutions.


To make sure everyone has the opportunity to take part in this engagement there will be a range of ways to get involved over February and March 2014 in Neilston. If you can't make any events you can find out more and get involved online at or download the programme of events.


For more information visti the Neilston Going Places page.

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